Pittsburgh is a place where things just come together.  One river, the Monongahela, flows north to meet the Allegheny, and together they form the Ohio.  Early on,  the rivers transported commerce and connected the settlers to ports as far away as New Orleans.  Pittsburgh was a gateway to the west.

Today, a multitude of bridges cross these waterways to stitch together the communities. Pittsburgh is a city of  unique neighborhoods. Many ethnic groups call Pittsburgh home and their traditions blend together giving Pittsburgh a special charm and culinary flavors.

Sports unites most Pittsburghers.  This week the Penguins Hockey Team won the Stanley Cup and 400,000 people lined the streets, hung out of office windows and filled parking garages with people, to see the Cup and honor their heroes.  Today, the green hills of Oakmont, an area golf treasure, will be hearing the roars of golf enthusiasts, as the best professional golfers in the world vie for their Open Championship.

Pittsburgh is our city.  We enjoy the simple things.  We work hard. We play hard and we talk funny.  Yinz come dawntawn and nhat!!  It’s our bi-centennial.


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