Let the light shine in

Let the light shine in …breath deep…exhale.  Everything is new again.

Well that’s what they say and I suppose it can be true.  Somedays it’s just hard to believe that mantra.  At least, when you seem to be living on the set of “Groundhog Day.”

I don’t have a very good track record with  formalized belief systems.  I was a mixed up Presbyterian.  My best friend belonged to an evangelical church and I often went to Bible School and revivals with her. Would have love to see  what would have happened if I were to shout hallelujah as we sat in the balcony of the First Pres.

All that Nazarene Bible study didn’t help.  In Junior High I had to take classes before joining and taking communion at my own church .   Well, I got a “D” in Pastor’s class.  I think was worried more about my hair (it was a long flip back then) and my outfits than Joseph’s coat of many colors. Some of my classmates were so in to it but I didn’t get it.  The retreats were fun.

Still, shallow being that I am, I searched for something that I could connect to.  I read and read and read.   Shirley McClain took me Out on a Limb. Her words opened up a new way of thought.  She was just the beginning.

Unfortunately, sometime the human experience wasn’t always as inspiring.

I took yoga/meditation at at local studio for a number of years.  The owner was a reformed hippie now Swami of a certain lineage.  One Sunday morning as we sang the Guru Gita, a long dead swami, Rudi,  sent a message through the Swami to my meditation group leader that I was a non-believer.

Well I was kind of cynical.  One day I had flippantly said,  “Hey,  do you think that the people in India pretend to be Presbyterians like we pretend to be hindu?”

No om for me. kicked out of the ashram.  It saved my friends from the intervention they were planning so they say.


But, most days we want the light.  There is energy there.  There is calm there.  The new me is there.

I’m trying to let it in.  Really!





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