Up, Up and Away

Looking up at the sky can bring you peace.  The sky scape is always in motion.  On puffy cloud days, the gentle breeze moves poodles and George Washington across the horizon.


A blue cloudless day makes your eyes strain to see as far up as possible.  Yes, there’s a jet.  And, there’s the moon in the middle of the afternoon.

While we first think of blue when we hear the word sky.  The sky can be a literal rainbow of colors.  The early riser’s sky can be on fire.  A palate full of reds.


Evenings bring the orange and yellows.


Storms bring all kinds of eeriness.


Fog floats the sky down to where we can touch it, taste it and wrap ourselves in it.  Last, but not least, is the romantic’s favorite, the moonlit sky.


Every child of my generation, wanted to ride a rocket high into the sky.  Maybe that is why it takes us up, up and away.



      1. Aw I’ve never seen the about-to-snow Sky. I live in Delhi, India and it doesn’t snow here:P

        But yes, my favourite kind of sky is the gray sky-thick with pregnant clouds- when it’s just about to rain!

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