Not Just Hot Dogs and Beer

When I was a little girl, Memorial Day was a time of remembrance for not only all who went before, but especially our veteran ancestors.  The lawn mower, grass shears, buckets and scrub brushes would be loaded into the car along with a picnic lunch.  Off we would go to make their final resting places respectable again.

Nearest were the cemeteries in town.  Then we would be off into the country and surrounding counties to visit long past relatives and local heroes (at least to us).  In a way, these adventures were my first exposure to genealogy.  Green Mount, Oakmont, Lippencott, Greene County Memorial, Garards Fort, Monongahela Hill, McClellandtown, and Uniontown cemeteries held the remains of my ancestors who came to Western Pa via Virginia, New Jersey and Connecticut hundreds of years ago.  They fought in the American Revolution, the Whiskey Rebellion, the War of 1812, World War I and II.  My Grandfather went to France in WWI.  My Dad served in the 12th Armored Division during WWII.  An uncle went missing during the Korean conflict. My brother enlisted during the Viet Nam war and spent 25 years in the US Army serving both in the security agency and as a helicopter pilot.

So, as we spend our Memorial Day weekend sprucing up the yard, grilling a hot dog and having a cold beer or two,  let us take a moment a remember those who answered the call of duty.


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