Out of dormancy


Up from the earth each Spring dormant moss sprouts anew.  Fragile tendrils reach toward the light.  Strong roots hold them upright.  Surviving the freezing temps of winter and blankets of snow to rise again.  Soon, something will try to cull their growth.  An overzealous gardener may pull them, the landscaper may whack at them, and RoundUp may try to destroy them at the core.  Mostly the tendrils just die back to velvety clumps, lurking in the shadows.  Nevertheless, out of dormancy each Spring it rises again to claim its place.


    1. Thanks, yes they are mine. The photos a mixture of a digital camera (LUMIX) or my Iphone5s shots. I add a few touches with Photoshop and viola!
      I’m enjoying combing them with the writing. Sometimes they are my muse and other times they are to complement the story. Either way, it is nice to add the visual.


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